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How to Build Your Credit | Richmond, VA

Good credit, bad credit, no credit, credit damage, and credit repair. The word credit alone often causes stress in the minds of consumers. However, credit should not have to be associated with stress. Here at Richmond BMW in Richmond, VA near Fort Lee, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg, Hopewell, and Petersburg, we specialize in working with customers who are experiencing credit difficulty. We understand that personal and financial hardships may affect one's credit score and flexibility to pursue transactions such as purchase a home or buy a car, but we are no ordinary dealership. We have the patience, knowledge and experience to work with credit challenged customers and provide them with a helpful, knowledgeable car buying experience. Below are the most common personal and financial circumstances that we face when dealing with credit difficulty. You may be able to relate to one if not a few of these situations. However, we not only help identify these issues, but we also provide tips to overcome credit hardship and help guide you back to where your credit needs to be while still getting you into the car you deserve.

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Helpful Credit Tips


  • Prioritize which loans, cards, and lines of credit are the most imperative and realistic to pay off within a set amount of time and avoid closing accounts.
  • Limit credit card use. The ideal balance to credit utilization ratio is 30% or lower.


  • Pay your bills on time; make payment before or on the expected due date. Creditors report the account to the credit bureaus when a payment is 30 or more days late.
  • Continue to establish credit history. Keep your accounts in good standing because this establishes trust with creditors and can only boost your credit score.


  • Focus on re-building your credit and keep your current accounts in good standing.
  • Keep your foreclosure isolated as a single negative item as if it were a mortgage account. This will be less damaging to your credit score.


  • During bankruptcy, focus on re-building your credit by opening a credit card. Charge minimally and pay consistently. Open 1-3 account that will benefit your credit score.

Unforeseen Bills

  • Communicate with your medical, financial institution and creditors. There are many programs that assist consumers, customers, patients or students with high bills or mounts of debt.

Our team is trained to handle all credit scenarios. Call us today at 855-551-5937. Our highly trained sales specialists are standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding credit and financing a car or visit our dealership for a one on one consultation with our sales specialist. We are excited to get you the best auto loan for the vehicle that you deserve. Drive away in your new today. We look forward to seeing you here at Richmond BMW, your local new and used car dealer.