When you love your car, you want it to look great all the time. Keeping your vehicle clean does more than add to its aesthetic appeal. There are a host of other benefits, particularly in the winter months. The N.C. Department of Transportation uses a salt-water brine to pre-treat roads before freezing temperatures make the roads dangerous with ice and snow and uses salt and sand to help clear roads after a storm hits. While this keeps you safe, it also adds a grimy look to the exterior of your BMW, which can eventually cause rust to develop. Rust doesn’t just look dingy. It can also damage your vehicle. By regularly washing and cleaning your BMW during the winter, you can reduce any long-term damage brought on by a surprise cold front.

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Whether you prefer to wash your car yourself and opt for a professional carwash, the first way to keep your BMW clean is to wash your car after any storm or it’s been exposed to a lot of salt, sand, or other winter road treatment. In lieu of an ice storm, you should wash your vehicle every few weeks during the winter months. If you’re a DIYer, keep these tips in mind the next time you give your vehicle a winter wash:

  • Remove any excess ice from your vehicle.
  • Do not wash your BMW if the temperature is below freezing, otherwise, the water could freeze before it dries and freeze your door shut.
  • Pay close attention to your wheels as they are the part of your car that deals with the worst of bad winter weather.


As for the inside of your car, you may want to invest in some rubber or all-weather floor mats to avoid dampening your carpet floor mats with the remnants of winter slush. If you have any questions about how to take care of your BMW this winter, our Service Team is happy to help!   



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