JD Power recently unveiled the results of one of its trademark studies on customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. As usual, BMW was at the top of the list. According to the study, improvements in infotainment systems and increased availability of advanced driver assistance systems are making customers increasingly more satisfied with their new vehicles. Earlier this year, BMW’s Live Cockpit ushered in an entirely new era of driver-focused technology with the launch of the BMW X5.

In addition to larger displays, Live Cockpit Professional upgraded the standard BMW infotainment experience by introducing its Intelligent Personal Assistant. One of the first of such systems in the automotive industry, this cloud-based voice command system doesn’t just perform run-of-the-mill driving tasks like rolling down windows or turning up the air conditioning. Like a human assistant, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can arrange your next service appointment, learn your routine, and provide restaurant recommendations. All it takes is a simple “Hey, BMW. I’m hungry!” for a convenient restaurant recommendation – even one with the best reviews, if you like.

Remember Pierce Brosnan’s BMW 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies?

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So do we. That’s why we gave the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant a unique personality unlike anything else in the automotive industry. And if you’re looking for a little extra individuality, you can give your Intelligent Personal Assistant her own name. She’s here to assist and even provide casual conversation, if your commute has you contemplating things like the meaning of life. If need your daily ride to feel more like a mobile office, your Intelligent Personal Assistant is here to assist as well. With Office 365 and Skype for Business integrations, she can join you to teleconferences at your request and read your emails to you, so you arrive at the office ready for the day ahead.

It’s no wonder JD Power continually rates BMW as of a pinnacle of customer satisfaction in the industry. We raise the bar of innovation to give you the perfect combination of technology, luxury, and the powerful ride you expect with a BMW.

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