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Up Next: The BMW iNext: A self-driver that you will be able to drive too!

Get the inside scoop on the new BMW iNext

BMW's next revolutionary car, expected to be unveiled in 2021 and dubbed iNext, was previewed last year with the Vision NEXT 100 concept


BMW's iNext, which is expected by 2021, will offer Level 4 automation that requires little to no human intervention, says BMW's global sales and marketing chief, Ian Robertson. But the vehicle will still have a steering wheel and most likely…
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Save The Date: Richmond BMW is once again a sponsor for BB&T's Convertibles on the Lawn, April 20th!

We are thrilled to once again be a sponsor for BB&T's Convertibles on the Lawn, this April 20th!


This event will take place again at The Country Club of Virginia, located at: 6031 Saint Andrews Lane, Richmond,  from 4-7 pm. We will be sponsoring some tasty treats as well as having some of our most glamorous convertibles our dealership has to offer on display!


Want to get a head start on our convertible…
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What Does Your Car Color Choice Say About You?


In choosing a car, the color is one of the first things that come to mind. Can you guess what three color choices are THE MOST popular choices? Here are three hints: white, black and silver. Chances are extremely high that you’ve seen these color of vehicles on the road. 

When it comes down to it, your car represents you on the road. How you drive. What you drive. Our status. Cars can say…
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7 Best Car Apps: #Lifehacks


It’s always nice to have some handy apps in your arsenal for car maintenance. Life gets in the way. We have hectic schedules. We have to prioritize. We have to make time to prioritize. We have to prioritize prioritizing. You get the point. 

Many of us spend half our lives in our cars, so we can’t let something super-duper important, like maintenance, fall to the wayside. How about adding some helpful apps to…
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Getting Your BMW Ready for Autumn


First off, if you’re the owner or driver of a legendary BMW, then you’re already on the right track to greatness in life. We see that the carpool lines have started up and college classes have begun. Here are some tips to help get your car ready to go back to school. These tips can keep you steady on a smooth road during the new school year, with as few bumps in the…
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Service Your BMW at Richmond BMW

At Richmond BMW, we’re here to service all your luxury car needs with our service center and online form to order any part you need. We’re serving the areas of Richmond, Fredericksburg, Chesterfield and Columbia. 


Why Bring Your BMW to our Dealership

There are many benefits and pros to having your vehicle serviced at the dealership versus the other option. Here at Richmond BMW, we have access to exclusive…
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Re-new, Re-build, Re-opening: Richmond BMW


It never hurts to update the facility every now and then. Buildings fair well with new additions and renovations and this is what happened with the Richmond BMW dealership. Some of you may remember Richmond BMW shared a single location with Crown MINI of Richmond. MINI is the British automotive marque owned by BMW. Richmond BMW has since revamped the space for our BMW clientele. 


Earlier this year, we had construction going on. We…
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“Customer Testimonials for Richmond BMW – We Thank You!"

The feedback and reviews we receive from our customers are invaluable because they’re first-hand accounts of their experiences with us. The feedback lets us know what we’re doing right and/or what areas of our business we can improve upon. We had a customer who described the positive and great experience they had with our team here at Richmond BMW, and we wanted to share their words of affirmation. 

We recently received feedback from a customer on their experience in having their BMW 3 Series serviced. They highlighted a member of the service department team and provided an…
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Take a Test Drive and Make a Difference with Richmond BMW

How would you like to help your local community by gripping the steering wheel of a sweet BMW? That’s literally what you would get to do, test drive a BMW at Richmond BMW! This test drive can make a world of a difference for others because the drive is for a cause.


BMW’s Drive for a Cause: #BMWDriveForACause

“Drive for a Cause” is a national summer campaign that has expanded from a one-day…
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